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Advance Design is a complete integrated analysis / design software dedicated to engineers. It conducts static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D structures, from bridges and culverts to buildings and towers.
Advance Design is your in-house construction expert for designing and optimizing steel composite, wood, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

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Beacon Designer™ automates the design of real time primers and probes. It is used by molecular biologists worldwide to design successful real time PCR assays. It saves the time and the money involved in failed experiments. Beacon Designer™ is a flexible solution to your real time primer and probe design needs and pays for itself many times over. As one of our esteemed customers says:

“We love your program – it has saved time in that we don’t have to use 3 or 4 different programs to determine how well the probes we have designed will bind to other sequences. And it has saved money because I don’t have to purchase several expensive labeled probes to test which one will work the best.” – Dr. Gale Newman, Dept. Micro, Biochem, Immuno Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

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FAD Tools is a software package that provides for the design and analysis of foundations.

Tools include:
MFAD for Single pole structure foundations
HFAD for H-Frame structure foundations
TFAD for Tower structure foundations

MFAD (Moment Foundation Analysis and Design)

MFAD analyzes and designs foundations for pole structures that are subject to overturning moment loading

HFAD (H-frame Foundation Analysis and Design)

TFAD (Tower Foundation Analysis and Design)

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Antenna Magus is the first design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to FEKO.

Antenna Magus does not aim to replace electromagnetic analysis tools like FEKO. It reduces the time to find and assess feasible antenna topologies for any given application, providing reliable initial designs and validated simulation models. It complements FEKO very well, as important tools within the antenna synthesis process.

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FlowJo is a software package for analyzing flow cytometry data. Files produced by modern flow cytometers are written in the Flow Cytometry Standard format with an .fcs file extension. FlowJo will import and analyze cytometry data regardless of which FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting) machine is used to collect the data.


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Design Primers for Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification

LAMP Designer designs efficient primers for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification assays, that amplify DNA and RNA sequences at isothermal conditions, eliminating the necessity of a PCR setup. The technology relies on auto-cycling and DNA polymerase mediated strand displacement DNA synthesis, amplifying a few copies of DNA to 109 in less than an hour. Reverse transcription coupled LAMP can be applied for amplification of RNA sequences.

LAMP employs four specially designed primers (two inner and two outer) that recognize six distinct regions in the target DNA. Hybridization of the four primers to the target DNA is a very crucial step for the efficiency of LAMP. The design of these four primers is therefore critical for a successful assay.

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Optenni Lab is a professional matching circuit design software with innovative analysis features that increases the productivity of antenna designers and speeds up the antenna design process. Optenni Lab offers e.g.

  • Fast fully automatic matching circuit generation tools including a component library and tolerance analysis functionality, returning multiple optimized matching circuits
  • Simultaneous multiport matching
  • Optimization of tunable matching circuits
  • Exact or conjugate matching at a single frequency
  • Estimation of the obtainable bandwidth of antennas
  • Calculation of the worst-case isolation in multi-antenna systems using the concept of electromagnetic isolation
  • Calculation of radiation efficiency
  • Links to leading electromagnetic and circuit simulation software and connection to network analyzers

With these tools the antenna designer can quickly evaluate various antenna designs and concepts. Optenni Lab is very easy to use and does not require specialist knowledge in impedance matching. The tool is developed further based on user feedback and requirements.

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NeuroSolutions is an easy-to-use neural network software package for Windows. It combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced artificial intelligence and learning algorithms using intuitive wizards or an easy-to-use Excel™ interface. Perform cluster analysis, sales forecasting, sports predictions, medical classification, and much more with NeuroSolutions.

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We Analyze Endotoxin Data Every Day

The WinKQCL™ 5 Software offers a fully integrated solution for your quantitative endotoxin detection testing, data management and reporting needs. It can be installed as a simple standalone system, or it can interface with multiple robots and readers in multiple labs around the world, all storing data in a single database.

Our endotoxin detection and analysis software has evolved with your needs and requirements in mind.

Features include:

  • Integration of Molecular Devices® SpectraMax®, Gemini™ and VersaMax™ readers; BioTek™ ELx808™, FLx800™, Eon™ and Synergy™ 2 readers; and the Tecan® Sunrise™ reader
  • Introduction of Kinetic SmartStop™ monitoring feature to address split pair, and other reaction conditions, without sacrificing time waiting for a fixed number of reads
  • Enterprise level IT features including wide area network support, ability to work across time zones, application virtualization, Active Directory® integration and data segregation by lab
  • Bi-directional interface with 3rd party database systems, such as Lonza’s MODA™ Environmental Monitoring Software, or an LIS or LIMS system. Data can be pushed directly into the template and data can be exported out to 3rd party systems.
  • Tecan® EVOware® interface integration for PyroTec™ Liquid Handling System
  • Multi-user control:  multiple users can control multiple readers from one workstation
  • Customizable endotoxin test reports
  • Fine grain user permissions control
  • Rapid data entry via barcode compatible windows
  • Edit assay feature which allows for the correction of template layout mistakes
  • Template customization with a click of a mouse using the SpeedFill™ and Drag n’ Drop features
  • Interactive trending tools provide actionable results on demand, helping you easily detect drift and enabling you to make proactive decisions. Trending is included in the WinKQCL™ Software. No need to purchase a separate trending application.
  • Built-in database backup and maintenance scheduler
  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 technical requirements for electronic records and signatures, audit trails and database archiving
  • Multi-language support for installation, user interface, reports and user help and manual: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • WinKQCL™ Version 5.1.2 is now available. Please contact our Scientific Support Team for download and trial of our latest release.

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AllyCAD’s industrial strength, advanced functionality and feature rich toolkits make it the only choice for our clients. AllyCAD has been completely rewritten to allow for both 2D and 3D draughting and is even faster and more powerful. We have added and improved many features and functionality to give you the AllyCAD Advantage. Take a look at our Functions and Features page to get a more detailed overview.

  • 3D and lightweight polylines, blocks, Xrefs, multiline text
  • 3D functionality, meshes, faces, solid shapes & rendering
  • Extended modify functions such as stretch, mirror, cut/rub
  • Multiple parallel lines with definable styles, line-arc-line
  • Database attributes linked to entities, replace text items
  • Convert geometry into drawing entities for complex shapes
  • Powerful selection filters select entities based on attributes
  • Specialised Toolkits that greatly enhance your productivity:
  • Survey – SG diagram, general and sectional plans, COGO
  • Architectural – makes drawing houses and buildings faster
  • Mechanical – includes fasteners, shafts, gears, parts list
  • Structural – hot / cold rolled steel sections & building grid
  • Enhanced bitmap capability loads multiple large images
  • Maximum compatibility with the latest DWG/DXF formats